Good for your skin, good for the planet, good for the soul. Soaps and body care goods that make a difference and bring joy to the everyday moments.

Hello! My name is Patty and I live in the Sonoran Desert Southwest, Tucson, AZ. I love the wide open spaces, blue skies, sunsets and natural beauty that surrounds us. I believe that while life can feel like it is sometimes rushing by, that it is important to pause and notice the little things, and recognize the special moments that happen every day in our lives, even in the smallest ways. Something like having a special bathing or showering ritual in which you can stop thinking about the world swirling around us and inhale the scent of a handmade bar of soap, lovingly crafted with carefully selected oils that are soothing and nourishing for the skin and gentle on the planet. No palm oil here, as I value our precious rainforests and the creatures that live there. I am always trying to think up ways to incorporate all natural ingredients that bring benefits to you, into my soap. Botanicals feature heavily, as I also feel having an aesthetically pleasing bar of soap, in scent and style, can bring a smile to your face. I choose fair trade when possible, to support living wages for those harvesting the ingredients. I would love to talk with you about your special event and create a special order than enhances your special moments. Please just drop me a message and we can start the conversation~ Thank you for supporting my small business. It means the world to me! 

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